Dangerous if you are the wrong colour, helpful if you are.

Aztec Warrior

These warriors are all slightly different, they will chase you down or shoot you if they see you. They can be hurt by the colour on their shield. Each colour of paint has a matching symbol in the objectives area.


The third world in Paint My World. Lots of new traps await in the Temple World.

The game gets much harder and this world really gives a different feel to the previous levels found in the game.

Are you ready for the final challenge?


Teleport doors will allow you to move from one door to another, some doors require you to be the correct colour in order to use them.

Ball and Chain

Avoid these, they hurt. Really.. we know, we ran into them a few times.


Enemies that will shoot coloured paint at you - often found floating the top of levels. Emesis can't be destroyed.